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The Andover Charities Trustees is an organisation set up to administer and maintain the Alms houses in the Parish of Andover and also support vulnerable people in the Andover parish by way of vouchers.

The Citizens Advice support this charity by letting them use a room in our offices to see their clients, provide them with an address and offer other support they may need like advertising.

Please see below a job opportunity they have available.

Andover Charities Trustees

We are an organisation set up to administer and maintain the Alms houses in the Parish of Andover. We also dispense help to the needy in the area, which is by the way of vouchers.

We have a Paid position available (job share considered) - role would be split into Clerk and Assistant Clerk or both roles can be carried out as one position. Approximately 8 hours a week across both roles.

Duties of the Clerk to the Trustees are as follows;

  • Advise on policies, current legislation and implement policies agreed by the Trustees. If required obtain appropriate professional advice.
  • Check, with the Caretaker, on the welfare of the tenants. Ensure the caretaker maintains a confidential register of next of kin and other information.
  • With advice from the Chairman consider requests of the caretaker on the state of repair of the alms-houses and deal with routine maintenance, with advice from the Chairman. When a vacancy occurs to authorise the caretaker to obtain quotes for any decoration and repairs necessary.
  • Advise the Trustees on the availability of statutory grants and other sources of funding.
  • Liaise as appropriate with The Alms-house Association, Charity Commission, Housing Corporation and other bodies to further the best interests of the charity and to keep the Trustees and employees aware of current policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that the charity receives an efficient service under the terms of any agency arrangements with other organisations, associations or managing agents, and to implement the Trustees statement on Equal Opportunities as shown in Residents Handbook.
  • To advise the Trustees as to when statutory inspection of the properties are due

Duties of the Assistant Clerk to the Trustees are as follows:

  • Prepare agendas, notices of meeting and minutes of meeting, circulate minutes and deal with matters arising.
  • Maintain suitable accounts. Prepare annual income and expenditure budget and report against budget at Trustees' meetings. Produce statement of accounts for annual audit and once Trustees have approved audited accounts send copies to Housing Corporation and Charity Commission. Make the statutory annual returned required by the Housing Corporation and the Charity Commission.
  • Prepare quarterly rota for trustees available to attend weekly meeting at Citizens Advice office. Meet with Trustee from 3pm to 4pm to consider grant applications. Manual records of grants issued are kept.
  • Purchase Tesco/Asda gift cards for the grant applications as required.
  • Advertise vacancies and arrange for application forms to be sent to those who reply. Arrange for interviews by the Trustees.
  • Prepare annual and long-term plans for consideration by Trustees. Provide supporting information e.g. feasibility studies, cash flow forecasts and budgets where appropriate.
  • Initiate an annual review by the Trustees of insurance cover for all policies in consultation with insurance brokers.
  • Review annually investment policies and reserves, taking specialist advice as necessary.

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