We will be taking part in the Andover Business Fair in Andover High Street on 5 May 2017.

Boden Party Poster

Boden Shopping Party

Tuesday, 2 May 2017


Longparish Village Hall
Hampshire SP11 6PB

This is a fundraising event for Citizens Advice Test Valley run by Andover Women In Business in partnership with Boden. For further detail, press HERE.

For further detail, click HERE.

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The aim of Hampshire Healthwatch is to give citizens and communities a stronger voice to influence and challenge how health and social care services are provided within our locality. Healthwatch Week gives us the opportunity to highlight the valuable work of Healthwatch Hampshire as the independent consumer champion created to gather and represent the views of the public.

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As part of this year’s Healthwatch Week, Citizens Advice across Hampshire are undertaking a survey about the sorts of information and advice services people in a caring role would most value, and how they would prefer to access those services. The results of the survey will feed in to a wider research project about carers being undertaken by Healthwatch Hampshire.

You can either complete the survey online at the Hampshire Healthwatch website.

Are you struggling to pay your energy bills?

This past winter may have been one of the warmest on record but it still seems an increasing number of people are struggling to pay their gas and electricity bills.

Here are some of the things you can do if paying your gas or electricity bill is becoming a problem:

  • Switch your energy supplier or tariff.
  • See if there are any schemes offered by your supplier for people on low income.
  • Insulate your home - there may be grants available to help with this.
  • Choose energy-efficient appliances and light bulbs.
  • Check you are receiving all the benefits you are entitled to.

If you need assistance exploring your options, we would be pleased to help. Alternatively, you could phone the Home Heat Helpline - 0800 33 66 99.

Get To Grips With Your Pension

Citizens Advice Test Valley encourages over 50s to get to grips with their pension

The average age of people getting guidance with their pension is 61 despite free support being available for anyone over 50.

This means people could be planning their retirement finances 11 years before finishing work, to make sure they have the right money to fit into their plans.

As the Pension Wise service reaches its first anniversary, Citizens Advice Test Valley says it’s never too early to start planning for your retirement and is encouraging locals 50 and over to book a free guidance session.

In April 2015, rules around pensions changed and for the first time, people were able to decide whether they buy an annuity, cash in their whole pension pot, take a lump sum, or a mixture of these options.

Ange Moon, Chief Officer at Citizens Advice Test Valley said:

“It’s never too early to start thinking about your pension.

“For many 50 year olds retirement may seem a long way off but it’s a good time to start understanding how your pension could support your plans for the future.

“The pension freedoms have given consumers a lot of options they might not be aware of or fully understand, such as cashing in part of their pension. Pension Wise guidance specialists can walk people through their options and get them on the right track towards a financially secure retirement.

To book a face to face or telephone Pension Wise appointment call 0800 138 8292.

What to prepare to get the most out of your Pension Wise appointment:

  • First, work out the value of your pension pots. You can look at your most recent statement, or contact your provider.
  • Check if there are any restrictions on your pension, such as penalties for taking it early.
  • Get a state pension forecast - you can find out how to do this from the Pension Wise website.
  • Gather information on any benefits you receive as any pension decision you make could affect these.
  • Work out your likely living expenses, including the cost of essentials like housing and utilities, and leisure activities. This should help you come up with a rough budget, which you can compare to your potential pension income.

Bring the information to your Pension Wise appointment. Your guidance specialist will help you think through your circumstances, and present the options available to you.

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